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Providing Your Protection | Criminal Law

Here at Painters we have a highly experienced Criminal Department with two partners based at our Kidderminster and one at our Stourport Office specialising in advising people at either the Police Station or at Court.

We undertake all types of work at the Police Station, in the Magistrates Court and at the Crown Court and we advise on all types of cases whether they be minor motoring offences or serious Crown Court matters so, whatever the case is, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

At the Police Station:

Many people do not realise either that they need legal advice when they are in Police custody or that this advice is free, yet often that is the most important time to have a Solicitor. Painters provide a 24 hour call out service 365 days per year and can advise clients at the Police Station at any time of the day or night so if the Police do want to interview you, please ask for Painters and the Police will contact us for you.

At the Magistrates Court:

We appear regularly at all of the local Magistrates Courts dealing with everything from adjournments and pleas in mitigation to trials and negotiating with the Prosecuting Authorities to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients. The outcome of your case may depend upon whether or not you are legally represented, so if you find yourself in the Magistrates Court, for whatever reason, one of our experienced team will be able to advise you.

Contact Charles Hobbs or David Howarth, either at the office or arrange to meet them at court if time is of the essence.

At the Crown Court:

Crown Courts deal with more serious offences with potentially serious consequences for anyone who is found guilty of any offence. You do therefore need legal representation at a Crown Court and we can arrange that for you. The head of Painters' Criminal Department, Charles Hobbs, is a Solicitor/Advocate qualified to represent Defendants at the Crown Court or we may arrange for you to be represented by a Barrister.

Contact Charles Hobbs or David Howarth

Legal Aid:

Painters has a legal aid criminal contract which means that we have been vetted by The Legal Aid Agency and found to be of the necessary high standard to carry out criminal work. If you are granted legal aid then (subject to any contribution that you may be asked to make) the cost of your defence in any criminal proceedings will be paid by The Legal Aid Agency. Everyone, regardless of their means, is automatically entitled to free legal representation at a Police Station if they are arrested and to be interviewed concerning a criminal offence and so, should that happen to you, please ask for Painters. If you appear at the Magistrates Court, legal aid may be available dependent upon your means and the type of case that it is. Legal Aid is usually available for imprisonable offences but may not be granted if your case is less serious. If your case is so serious that it is sent to the Crown Court then legal aid may be available although you may be asked to pay a contribution towards it. If you therefore think that you may need legal aid then please ask and we will be happy to advise you on whether or not you may qualify. Please remember that we may need you to supply proof of your income and outgoings before your eligibility can be assessed.

For further information please contact:-

Contact Charles Hobbs or David Howarth