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Charity Law

Painters have extensive experience of acting for charities, and have a broad range of charity clients in the Worcestershire and West Midlands area. Indeed many of the Partners act as trustees to local charities and therefore have first hand experience of the roles and responsibilities of being a trustee.

It is important to realise that as a trustee you have duties and responsibilities to your charity which includes duties to comply with both charity law and other legal requirements when managing the charity. You are no doubt aware that as a trustee you can face potential personal liability if you fail to follow legal requirements when managing your charity. Therefore taking legal advice can not only assist your charity, but can also help to reduce the risk you face personally as a trustee.

Due to our extensive expertise and various practice areas, Painters can offer and advice and assistance to charities on many issues including:

Charitable Incorporated Organisations – CIO's

Current unincorporated charities will no doubt we aware of the difficulties they face when entering into contracts, as normally trustees have to enter into contracts as individuals on behalf of their charity. It is anticipated in the near future that Charitable Incorporated Organisations will be available which will provide a half-way house between an unincorporated charity and a charitable company. These CIO’s will be registered with the Charity Commission rather than at Companies House, but will allow the charity to enter into contracts itself rather than through individual trustees, and will hopefully significantly reduce the potential liability of trustees as individuals. If you require advice or assistance about becoming a CIO, please contact Lee Baron